Lenten Soup/Supper Bible Study

Embracing the Prophets in Contemporary Culture         “Embracing the Prophets in Contemporary Culture

            What do the Old Testament prophets have to do with our faith in Jesus the Christ in this 21st century?  And how we live that faith in the complexity of the times in which we live? This Soup/Supper Study, Video and Discussion of 4 weeks (maybe a bit more) will guide our thinking and living our faith.   ALL members and friends of St. Andrew are welcome!

            “Embracing the Prophets in Contemporary Culture by Dr. Walter Bruggermann; a video presentation with Dr. Bill Johnson leading the class.    Walter Bruggermann is most likely the leading Old Testament Scholar of today in this nation if not the world.   It is a fascinating and thought-provoking video and discussion that hits today head on.

DATES:    Wednesday, February 21 to at least Wednesday, March 14, 2018

WHERE:   In the Fellowship (Social) Hall of St. Andrew Presbyterian Church

TIME:   5:30-6:15 pm for delicious soup supper with bread, desert, coffee, tea

                                     Volunteers needed for the soup!!!!  —

                                    see:  Joyce Johnson or Donna Franz

                6:15-7:15 pm for the video and discussion.

As Dr. Bruggermann says, “Think of Pharaoh today as ’the rat race,’ the tendency to get pulled back into a consumer culture in spite of your best intentions, and the desire to always want more.   Think of God as the One who still invites us into an alternative convenient relationship based on fidelity to God.”  And then that tell-all question: “Where is your allegiance most of the time.?”   But he also says, “The writers of those biblical passages all had a vision of God as One who keeps doing new things in creation …. watch out for ways that God is doing new things that are an embodiment of God’s shalom (peace).”

            And the question for us is:   Where is Jesus and our faith in Christ and his body, the Church, in all of this?   What difference does our/your faith make in all of this?  What ‘new things’ is God doing in your life, our lives?

Plan on thinking, learning, discussing, having fun, and growing in

the “faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ, our Lord!”